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Under European Union Regulations, Medical Indemnity insurance is now a requirement for all health professionals. For the majority of health professionals this insurance is easily available and affordable and the vast majority of professionals are provided with this cover through vicarious liability under their employment contracts. Unfortunately, medical indemnity insurance for maternity professionals who wish to work privately, including midwives and obstetricians, has been difficult to access.

My Midwife & Me, in partnership with a reputable insurance partner, has developed a bespoke insurance package underpinned by a robust governance framework that can support the delivery of safe clinical outcomes for women and babies, facilitated within a continuity of carer model. This insurance product supports the practice of independent midwives who work within a clinical model that is traditionally based on a named midwife approach that builds a trusting respectful relationship that enhances clinical, social and emotional outcomes.

My Midwife & Me has achieved CQC registration with the bespoke governance framework that also provides assurance in meeting safety and quality standards and maintaining ongoing compliance.

My Midwife & Me is available to registered midwives with a valid PIN.

My Midwife & Me are excited to be able to provide midwives with the ability to care for women and their families and meet the requirements of their regulatory framework which we believe could also see the transformation of midwifery services across the UK and Europe, providing midwives with alternative ways of working and supporting autonomous safe midwifery practice. Women are then supported with their choices in how their maternity care is provided, including access to a model of care, that without independent midwives, is a postcode lottery within the existing NHS maternity services.

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