Lisa-Marie South

Lisa-Marie South

Lisa-Marie South


Areas Covered

Cambridgeshire, East Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, South Lincolnshire, West Norfolk, East Leicestershire, Rutland.



07890 651 559


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Lisa Marie South has been shown to be a kind and compassionate midwife who has demonstrated great integrity and credibility when caring for women and their families. She has cared for a diverse group of women and has always been sensitive to their individual needs.

She acts as a wonderful advocate for women, always offering them true choice and will respectfully contact members of the multi disciplinary team in order to work together to facilitate the care and birth that women in her care, want. This is sometimes out of our guideline, but Lisa-Marie ensures that she supports women with their choice by the sharing of accurate information which is evidenced by accurate record keeping.

Lisa-Marie has always been keen to continue with her professional development and has always been an extremely professional and well respected member of our midwifery team.

Matron for Community Midwifery, Northampton General Hospital

Anne Richley