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We have known our Midwife, Annabel Bryant since March 2016 as she was highly recommended to us. We were looking for a highly qualified private midwife based in South West London who could provide me with the continuity of care that I was looking for throughout my first pregnancy.

It is an immense pleasure to write a reference for Annabel, as I highly believe that my very easy birth was whole heartedly down to having Annabel as my midwife. Throughout both my pregnancy and birth Annabel always supported me in my decisions, even when it might not necessarily of been her own, which I found incredibly caring and professional.

During the pregnancy Annabel’s vast knowledge of her industry and contacts helped me receive the best possible care, and in one instance Annabel was able to book me to see a Consultant within hours after I called her with a concern. It is this supportive nature of Annabel’s which I admire and value the most.

My first birth was fantastic. Not only did I feel 100 % supported but my husband equally felt at ease creating a very relaxing experience. At times, there could have been panic, but Annabel’s quick decision making under pressure and ability to remain exceptionally calm meant there was no rush and the whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable. For which I whole heartedly thank Annabel for.

Following on from our first birth, my husband and I undoubtedly decided to ask Annabel to look after us again for our second pregnancy. We could not imagine going through the experience again without the care and support that we received with the birth of our first daughter.

Annabel is a tremendous asset to any couple that are looking for a private midwife and has my highest recommendation.


I have great pleasure to provide a glowing reference for the Independent Midwife, Annabel Bryant.

During the period from January 2015 until September 2017, I employed Ms. Bryant on two occasions to provide pre and postnatal care as well as intra partum care.

During both periods of employment, I found Annabel to be exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of midwifery and an invaluable source of vital information for me. She has always provided me with clear and well-­‐balanced information upon request, and her communication style is clear and easy to follow as a layman, even when she is explaining sometimes complex medical information.

A vital role of a midwife is to provide support to the families that they work with. The support that Annabel has provided to me, my husband, and of course my children has been second to none. I feel very privileged to have had such outstanding support at such important and intimate times of our lives.

As I have always had complete confidence in her skills, her knowledge and the level of care that she provides, I have no hesitation in fully recommending her to friends on a regular basis. If I were to have further children I would most definitely re-­‐employ her. Simply put, she is an exceptional midwife.


I cannot recommend Annabel more highly.

We met when I was eight months pregnant and suddenly feeling very nervous about a hospital delivery having had my first two babies in hospital, the first via emergency C-section and the second via an instrumental delivery after a labour where I was allowed no food or drink. Although I had found both experiences painful and frustrating I hadn’t realised there was any alternative to giving birth on the labour ward again. A frustrating conversation with an obstetrician and a midwife mentioning during a check-up that she had once been an independent midwife who had had her own babies at home prompted me to find out about home births and independent midwives (neither of which I had considered). I asked my NCT teacher for a recommendation and her expert contact didn’t hesitate to suggest Annabel.

After an introductory phone conversation Annabel came to our house and very patiently answered my questions and addressed my concerns about pain management during labour (I found my second labour extremely painful as I was forced to lie on my back with my feet in stirrups). I felt encouraged by what Annabel told me but was concerned that I might be taking a risk having the baby at home. Annabel was very patient waiting for me to make a decision and she came to our home again to talk to my husband. After a lot of consideration and one more hospital appointment we decided to book a home birth with Annabel. It was one of the best decisions, probably the best decision, we have ever made.

As well as being very experienced having worked in provincial as well as central London hospitals, Annabel is extremely calm and kind. She works closely with the hospital I was booked into originally and sensibly suggested that she share my notes with them in the event that I should have to transfer there from home during labour. It was helpful that she has a good relationship with the midwives in hospital and she kept them updated during the rest of my pregnancy and during labour. Over the course of four weeks I came to trust Annabel and felt confident taking all of her advice. By the time it came to being in labour I felt very relaxed knowing that she was my midwife. When it came to delivering the baby she helped me into the birthing pool that she had lent us and told me that all I was required to do was to give one push. Sure enough, I gave one push and our baby was born. Once I was in the water there was no pain, only relaxation between contractions and the intense effort to push. Above all what made a difference was the trust I had in Annabel as I knew I simply had to do as she said.

Our baby is now five weeks old and extremely calm and contented probably because of the way in which she arrived in the world. In spite of having an episiotomy scar from my second baby I had only a first degree tear this time and was able to get up and walk around without any pain at all from the moment I’d given birth. I still find that rather incredible given the agony and incontinence I suffered last time. Annabel took the opportunity to repair my messy episiotomy scar while she stitched my tear for which I am very grateful.

Since the baby’s arrival Annabel has been to see us for our post natal checks. She has continued to give fantastic advice with a holistic but pragmatic approach. Overall I have felt hugely supported by her and recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for an independent midwife to accompany them to hospital or to deliver their baby at home. She is one in a million.