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Alex and I look back at the birth of our son Charlie with pleasure; we had a sense of control which generated calmness throughout our labour and birth, and this was due to the professional support of Carole and Tracy – our Independent Midwives. Throughout the pregnancy they had provided up to date and carefully researched information that fully dealt with all our questions and anxieties and helped us to build a vision of our desired birth. Although all did not go according to plan – Charlie turned head up in the final stage – we felt confident and protected within the hospital environment.

Our postnatal meetings have been fantastic – personally, as a new Mummy I have looked forward to.

I would not dream of having my second baby without them!

Carole provided a full package of midwifery care for my second baby, born in January 2017. She was keen to meet the whole family to ensure a good “fit” before booking. I had every confidence in the care she provided from start to end.

My estimated due date fell during the festive period and Carole was careful to put together a team of three midwives to provide cover. The team then divided antenatal appointments so that I had the opportunity to get to know all three midwives well before the birth.

For all the decisions I needed to make about my maternity care, I could draw on Carole’s depth of knowledge, excellent research skills and balanced presentation of information to support my decision-making. A key example was induction of labour, where Carole came equipped with NICE guidance and further statistics to agree a plan with me for weeks 41-42.

It is testament to Carole’s professionalism and commitment to putting her clients first that I only realised after my baby was born (on the last night independent midwives were able to practice under the previous IM insurance arrangements) the full extent of the threat to independent midwifery. Carole had of course put in place a back-up plan that I would have been happy with had we needed it.

Carole worked seamlessly with the local maternity unit staff on transfer during my labour and then resumed care as soon as I was discharged. Her postnatal support was invaluable, especially as we hit some problems with breastfeeding. Carole understood the significance of this for me and provided brilliant lactation and emotional support until we were back on track.

I was also impressed at how Carole worked with the other independent midwives, NHS team and other professionals, building rapport and trust and thereby facilitating me doing the same.

I would not hesitate to recommend Carole as a midwife.

Carole was my midwife for both my children. As a midwife myself I know the importance of having a care provider you can trust and feel comfortable with and I felt Completely at ease with Carole as my midwife from the start. My antenatal care was fantastic. Unhurried appointments meant that we naturally chatted and all questions were always answered.

Carole always provided options and information to ensure I was making informed decisions about my care. I was incredibly relaxed throughout both my pregnancies and I know this is because I truly trusted Carole would respect and support all of my wishes during labour and birth. I had beautiful home births for both my babies.

Knowing and trusting your support person during labour for me was one of the most important factors to achieving a positive birth experience. Postnatal care was fantastic and truly unhurried and tailored to my individual needs. Carole is a wonderful, caring and knowledgeable midwife and anyone would be lucky to have her care for them.