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Independent midwifery gave me the continuity of care I so badly needed when my husband was away working. I felt safe and supported throughout my pregnancy and birth because I had time to build up a trusting relationship with my mid wife. I feel that it’s a woman’s right to choose her caregiver during what can be a very scary part of her life- giving birth.

My first daughter’s birth was very traumatic and left me with postpartum depression and post-traumatic stress syndrome. As a result, I approached my second pregnancy very differently, and after much research I chose an independent midwife. This choice was not taken lightly, but we felt the cost far outweighed the benefit to both mine and baby’s wellbeing. Not because there was anything particularly wrong with the NHS care I received the first time around, but because this time I felt I needed continuity of care. I needed my care provider to know my past birth history, to have developed my trust, and to have the time available to me to help me be comfortable facing birth again – mentally and physically prepared. I needed to know that no matter what happened I had the same person by my side helping me through both the birth and postpartum period.

On Thursday, 18th April I gave birth to another beautiful daughter. I did so in the comfort of my own home, without any pain relief, and with my midwife by my side – encouraging and supporting me the whole way. Her knowledge of my past, and the relationship she’d developed with me helped maintain my confidence and I am sure I couldn’t have had such a positive birth experience without her care.

In 2008 whilst pregnant with my 3rd baby I wanted to have a home water birth within the Greater Glasgow and Clyde area. I was told by my local hospital that I could have a home birth but that it probably would not be possible to have a water birth. The reason being that the community midwives did not feel comfortable or had been trained in water birth. Being a student midwife myself I knew the politics involved. I was pregnant and vulnerable and did not have the energy to fight the system. I also did not want midwives attending me in labour who did not feel comfortable with the situation. This would have had massive psychological effects on me and my birthing. I was left with no option but to hire an Independent midwife. This turned out to be the best decision I ever made. I had continuity of care with someone I trusted completely and someone whom I felt absolutely at ease with. I went on to have a beautiful home water birth. When pregnant with my 4th baby I opted for the same and once again had a beautiful birth.