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I have wanted to write this review for some time though I have had a hard time putting into words just how thankful we are to have had Helen Taylor be part the greatest moment of our life. She is without a shadow of a doubt been a blessing to us for the antenatal, delivery and postnatal stages. Helen exceeded all of our expectations. We chose to go with a private midwife, as we wanted continuity. What was received was much greater than that. Helen not only provided continuity from start to finish, but I believe without her our pregnancy would have been very different. She is professional while still being incredibly caring and compassionate, she has a wealth of knowledge and is also up to date with the latest research and findings.

During the antenatal stage, Helen provided dedicated care and attention for the health of our baby and me. As she was always providing information on what was happening to me and answered any concern or question I had. Having the consistency of Helen, she was able to provide accurate observations and measurements. Helen was always available for a chat or if I needed her to meet with me. We were always at ease due to that fact that Helen was there.

We also took the antenatal course with her. This proved to be invaluable as we were able to ask questions we wouldn’t feel comfortable in a group setting. She was able to tailor the information for our requirements.

For the delivery phase, Helen was my “security blanket”. I was able to relax and not have to worry about “when” to go in, what should/shouldn’t be happening and buffer for everything that was happening around me. Helen came to my house to help me before venturing to the hospital. Having her by my side allowed me to just focus on the upcoming birth. When the NHS midwife announced she was leaving after being there 15 minutes due to shift change, my husband and I would have been in a panic. Though as Helen was there, it didn’t even faze us or cause us any concern. She didn’t waver once and her focus the whole time was my baby and I. The comfort of her presence and support allowed for an amazing delivery experience. You never know what you are going to get and I truly believe that the reason it went so well was because of Helen. I also had the comfort in knowing that if all didn’t go to plan, Helen would be the one you would want by your side. After my baby was born, she was right there to help me with the feeding and caring. I can’t thank her enough.

For the postnatal phase, Helen was there shortly after arriving home from the hospital. My husband and I were both exhausted, so having her there was so helpful. Helen helped with breastfeeding and general guidance and support for us. She made sure the baby was progressing and I was healing correctly. The days / weeks following, she provided invaluable assistance. I know that breastfeeding was a success because of Helen’s help. She was also always available for us to call with any questions. Helen also made sure that my husband felt a part of the pregnancy and birth, which we had wanted.

Though this is close to a novel, I still don’t know if I have truly outlined how much Helen Taylor attributed to the wonderful birth of our son. I don’t think this is quantifiable. I highly recommend Helen and I know you will not be disappointed. We are so grateful for her and our baby boy has the biggest smile on his face when he sees Helen!

Regardless of how much excitement or anticipation is bubbling away for motherhood, there is an undeniable element of nerves which lurks in the background. Recruiting Helen as my wing woman gave me unspeakable comfort and indeed confidence which was invaluable to me and my baby. Helen’s vast experience, staggering knowledge, professional yet warm approach was everything I hankered for at the most important time of my life. She delivered a gold-plated service and I cannot fault or praise her enough.

Helen provided us with postnatal support for our second child. She was everything we were looking for in a midwife – very knowledgeable, professional and kind. It was very re-assuring for us to know that we could reach out to Helen in the event of any concerns we had in respect to our new baby or the recovery of my own body after birth. She was committed to delivering an excellent service, was very prompt in her support, and provided valuable recommendations in respect to both mother’s and baby’s health as well as breastfeeding techniques. In addition to the overall high level of midwifery care she provided, we particularly liked that she offered a flexible postnatal support package tailored to our needs.