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I feel so lucky to have found Katrina for my midwife!

Katrina provided such an amazing service to me during my pregnancy, labour and postnatal care. She spent a long time with me at each appointment/check-up answering my many questions and it was like having a friend there with me. She listened to my choices and supported me fully with all my decisions. I felt completely prepared by the time the labour came around and she completely respected my wishes to have as little intervention as possible, no examinations etc. She is polite, kind, warm and friendly, as well as professional, knowledgeable, and she gives a fantastic massage too! I can thoroughly recommend Katrina from the bottom of my heart and am happy to say we have now become good friends. I feel so lucky to have found her and to have had the beautiful, peaceful home water birth I’ve always wanted. If I was to have another baby I would definitely want Katrina looking after me again!


Everyone should have a ‘Katrina” at their birth!!!!

This was my first baby and we chose to have a home birth. Katrina was amazing!!! The most fantastic pre and postnatal care, Katrina really got to know us. She answered all our questions that cropped up along the way and talked us through so much more than we could have ever even thought to ask. She knew our pregnancy inside and out and kept such detailed notes. We always felt we were in the safest of hands which gave me the confidence to trust Katrina when she said I could do it during labour whenever any of my self-doubt/birth phobia surfaced! I had a wonderful calm safe birth, i was tucked up in bed with my husband and baby that night by Katrina she even put a washing load of towels on before she left!! I want more babies and Katrina HAS to be there when they arrive!


Wonderful! Best decision we ever made!

Katrina from Yours Maternally was looking after us for the home birth of both our children. It was the best decision we have ever made. The births were beautifully peaceful and stress free. It was comforting to be in our own home straight after the birth – no hospital, no visiting times, no swing doors and men in white coats! My husband, who’s a little bit squeamish, is a total convert! We received outstanding care during the pregnancy and birth, and lots of support afterwards which was especially appreciated with breastfeeding. Yours Maternally were friendly, patient and reassuring as well as highly professional and knowledgeable.


We hired Yours Maternally for the birth of our first child and had originally planned to have a home birth. Sadly, due to health problems (spotted by Yours Maternally well before the hospital system did) I was unable to have the planned home birth and had to have a hospital birth. Katrina and Natalie were absolutely fantastic and still stayed with me every step of the way although I was in hospital and were available 24 hours a day. They were faultless in their support, explaining what was happening and keeping me, my husband (and even my mum!) calm whilst I began to really feel as if I was falling apart, both emotionally and physically. I cannot recommend them enough. On top of all this they have a wonderful sense of humour – a great positive in times of stress!


After 2 hospital births we decided to go for a home birth with our third child. We had a wonderful birth at home, in water, without needing any interventions and our son breastfed like a champ from day one. I really recommend Katrina and Natalie for the personalised care they give you.


The best decision we ever made too…After having an horrendous hospital birth with my first child. Using every pain relief under the sun, including 4 canisters of gas and air….we decided to use Katrina for the birth of my son. What a great choice we made. Not only did she give me the best care, she also involved my daughter in the visits, measuring and listening to her tummy etc. she loved it! The birth of my son was so wonderful I didn’t need pain relief and enjoyed every minute of it at home and soon after relaxing with my new son in my own bed!


Caring & totally supportive.

So wonderful that I recommended Yours Maternally to my sister. I’m thrilled to be attending my sister’s birth along with Katrina and Natalie in a few weeks and know that the experience will be as amazing as the birth of my second daughter was in their care.


Best decision we ever made – would recommend to anyone.

Following a horrible emergency CS for my first son in Epsom General, badly handled all round, I dreaded going back there for my second baby. I found Katrina and Natalie and we were all supported brilliantly by them. Their care was fantastic throughout pregnancy and birth, and we ended up with a beautiful, peaceful, happy home birth with a lovely healthy second son to show for it. Their care after the birth was wonderful, especially when we had breastfeeding problems.

Louise P - 01/08/2009

Katrina is a dedicated and very competent midwife; my partner and I were very lucky to have her. The home birth was an amazing experience and we couldn’t be happier. Her colleague Odette was also wonderful. If we have more children, she would definitely be our first choice.

Ricardo Jan 2018

Having Katrina as my midwife made a huge difference to my pregnancy and birth experience. She provided post natal care with my first daughter and it was so re-assuring to have her at the end of the phone and provide support as we came to grips with becoming parents. So when it came to my second daughter, we had Katrina with us all the way, from having ante-natal appointments at a time that worked for me and in my own home to having her with me on the freezing cold night I went into labour, she became a key part of the family. An amazing midwife and wonderful person

Jainie 2017

Katrina was my midwife for my first baby. She enabled me to have a calm and safe home birth and I am completely sure this wouldn’t have happened without her. Katrina is a mine of information and a model of best practice. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Matilda 2017

I can’t say enough wonderful things about Katrina, but in short it is entirely thanks to her care that I was lucky enough to have a truly fantastic home birth with my second child. I didn’t have the easiest pregnancy, but Katrina’s calm manner, expertise and support meant that I went into the birth feeling positive and relaxed. I was almost tempted to have another child just so I could have Katrina’s help again! I highly recommend her and Yours Maternally.

Catherine 2014

Katrina has been our midwife for all 3 of our boys, including a twin pregnancy. She now feels like part of the family. She was fantastic from start to finish and kept us all calm with her amazing knowledge and personal touch. I would highly recommend Yours Maternally to anyone looking for a midwife.

Liam 2014

Absolutely brilliant! Katrina helped me have gentle, beautiful births FOUR times!!!! She is a wonderful person and a very skilled midwife who believes passionately in mothers and their ability to give birth.

Caroline 2017

I’m from overseas and was very anxious being pregnant in a foreign country. Katrina put my mind at ease and was always there for me 24/7. I cannot recommend yours maternally enough.