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Over the last ten years, Meg has been my midwifery colleague as we worked together as independent midwives. In that time, I have come to know, understand and value deeply her profoundly compassionate and clinically very experienced midwifery practice. We have attended many births together and Meg has taught me a great deal about trust in the process of normal birth and in women’s bodies and their instincts. Not all events have been without challenges and I have worked with Meg on a number of occasions when we have had to recognise, manage and resolve birth emergencies in the home environment. She has proved herself a safe, and sensible, clinical decision-maker on a number of occasions. We have also safely arranged transfer to hospital for a number of clients, where this has been either desirable or necessary. In such circumstances, Meg is somehow always able to maintain her calm compassionate nature, helping the woman and her supporters to accept and understand the need for transfer and ensuring that the care they need is made available on arrival.

Meg espouses true midwifery values and works hard to keep herself updated through personal study, attending workshops and not least through active and ongoing reflection which is a lively and ongoing part of her contribution to Oxfordshire Midwifery Practice. She has a fine mind for complex detail which she uses to develop her own knowledge base and to aid her clients’ decision making.

As a colleague Meg is a wonderful role model and a stout-hearted supporter. As a birth educator she is indefatigable in her desire for women to have true unbiased information about pregnancy and birth. Her determination to ensure that women have information about their legal rights is also strong. As a midwife, she is a first-rate provider of gold standard care and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to you. If my daughters where having babies, I would want Meg to provide their midwifery care.

Elizabeth Nightingale

My name is Sarah Ifill and I have worked with Meg Miskin as a colleague since 2010, and I have always found her to be passionate, kind and completely woman (and indeed family!) centred in her midwifery practice.

She is outspoken on a woman’s right to have her choices listened to and that birth is not an illness but a profound family event. She incorporates physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing in all her care. One of her strengths is that she is capable of making women feel at their ease almost immediately, using warmth and humour; but she has a sharp intellect and a very good knowledge base to help them make informed evidence-based decisions. She believes a woman can only make such a decision if she has all the necessary facts and will spend time explaining what the pros and cons of any decision that needs to be made. She will support the right choice for them, no matter what they have decided.

Her practical skills are excellent, and I have witnessed her ability to convey calmness even when dealing with a potentially difficult situation. She has cared for a number of high-risk women both at home and alongside NHS staff in hospital; she has always endeavoured to offer her full support even if birth plans have had to change, and plenty of opportunity to debrief the situation after.

Meg’s documentation is concise and clear, and she communicates well with her colleagues. She actively seeks opportunities to develop her practice, both through the more usual routes like reading and study days, but is also interested in networking with other midwives, even those in other countries.

Meg makes timely referrals for her clients, especially if they are needing support for something not usually supported in the NHS. She interacts well with staff and is a wonderful advocate for her clients if there is any suggestion of coercion, bullying or misleading information.

It has been an absolute pleasure to work with such a competent midwife- I hope we will continue to work together in the future.

Sarah Ifill