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Nyree Wright was my midwife from September 2015 until the birth of my daughter in January 2016.

Having had 2 previous very long and hard labours in hospital, I wanted to hire a private midwife who would help me stay home as long as possible this time. I thought if I felt relaxed, the labour would potentially be shorter and happier. I had no intention of giving birth at home, and wanted Nyree to accompany me to hospital for the birth itself. As I am profoundly deaf, it is extra important to have that trust and smooth communication.

In our several prenatal appointments, Nyree was a real pleasure to have. She is immensely calm, professional and dedicated. She went to extra lengths, delivering a birth ball in between appts and so on. I felt absolutely safe with her.

She never pressured me to have a home birth, and understood my needs. However, as it turned out, she made my labour SO calm and ‘easy’ (relatively!) that I gave birth at home in my bath after only 4 hours of active labour. Nyree delivered Evie safely, with no tearing or issues.

The aftercare was also exemplary. She delivered the placenta, cleaned the horror scene of my bathroom, cleaned the baby and so on. She also followed up with lots of messages and visits.

Having an independent midwife, especially one like Nyree, is the difference between 48 hours in hospital with an epidural, and 4 hours at home with no drugs.


I chose to use an independent midwife because I wanted to have a continuity of care which isn’t possible with the NHS. I wanted to get to know and trust one midwife throughout my pregnancy, who would then be present during labour. It was important to me that I be advised about possible interventions during labour by someone I could trust, thereby avoiding unnecessary procedures.

Nyree has exceeded my expectations in all areas.

The prenatal care was fantastic, being able to be cared for in your own home by someone you know makes a huge difference. Nyree is fantastic at transmitting her considerable knowledge, and each appointment left me feeling reassured that I had been given enough information to make an informed decision about each aspect of pregnancy and labour. She was also very gentle, which was very reassuring.

During what turned out to be a difficult labour, Nyree’s presence was invaluable. Not only was she helpful and reassuring in making decisions about interventions, but when my baby had to be resuscitated and I was bed bound, she stayed with me the whole time, talking me through what was happening and reassuring me that the baby was OK.

Her postnatal care was also excellent. My baby was in the neonatal ward for a few days, and Nyree visited us there and helped us establish breastfeeding, which enabled us to be discharged more quickly. Her emotional support during this very difficult time was so helpful. After being discharged, she continued to support and advise me on anything I needed, always providing information in a clear, helpful and reassuring way, and treating both myself and my baby gently and respectfully.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nyree’s services or indeed engage her again if I was to fall pregnant