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My husband and I had originally planned a hospital birth, and we hired Regina as we wanted the consistency of support all the way through the pregnancy and afterwards, as well as having support for the birth. As my pregnancy progressed, we did a lot of research and started to think that given you have to do most of your labouring at home anyway, if things are going well, why not stay put? Regina was happy to support us in a homebirth, so she dropped off the birthing pool and a huge box of other stuff a few weeks before my due date.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing and very tranquil birth experience. At just past 38 weeks my waters broke at 4am. By 10am I was having mild contractions, and by 1pm (ish) they were becoming strong enough that I had to stop what I was doing to concentrate on breathing through them. My husband had been in contact with Regina all day, and when she arrived at 6pm-ish I was 6cm dilated. At about 9pm-ish I got into the pool, and my daughter arrived calmly into the world at about half-past 10. My husband cut the cord and I delivered the placenta.

Regina and Odette tucked then us up in bed, helped me start feeding my little girl, then cleaned up and let themselves out. It was a wonderful experience, and I feel that having a midwife there that I

knew and trusted gave me the confidence to have a drug-free, calm


Regina’s support was also invaluable in the post-natal period. I struggled to establish breastfeeding, but thanks to Regina’s support and encouragement I got there in the end and I am still breastfeeding my daughter at 9 months old!



I was concerned that going significantly post-dates runs in my family, and I wanted the chance to avoid induction. My husband and I were recommended to look at having a home birth with independent midwives Regina, and Rebecca Tieken. Throughout our pre-natal, birth and postnatal periods, we feel that we received exemplary care, and formed a wonderful, deep bond with Regina and Rebecca which was vital for us both during the birth and especially once our daughter arrived.

I had some difficulties breast feeding, and Regina’s great expertise in this area was invaluable- I am still able to breast feed at almost 2 years and credit her for this. We are so grateful that we chose to work with Regina and Rebecca, we wouldn’t want to do it again without them!

Izzy, Tom and baby Anais