Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the membership cost?

You can request an introduction pack containing this information by emailing us at:

The membership fee is renewable annually.

How long does it take to become active after enrolling?

As soon as My Midwife & Me receives all the required documentation and your membership fee is paid, you will be classed as an ‘active’ member and covered by the My Midwife & Me scheme.

I have only been qualified for a year. Can I still apply?

As long as you are registered midwife with a valid PIN you can apply for a membership with My Midwife & Me.

I've had a referral to the NMC. Will this affect my application?

As long as there are no restrictions on your practice you can apply for a membership with My Midwife & Me, however it is your decision as to whether you continue with your membership application if you do not know the outcome of the case.

Are NIPE's covered under My Midwife & Me?
My Midwife & Me provides cover for all skills that complement your midwifery practice. You must provide evidence of completing a certified or recognised training course to ensure that cover will be provided.
When can I start to accept clients?
You can send an enquiry directly to and you will receive the My Midwife & Me Introduction Pack.

We ask that you read all the information provided carefully and that you understand the requirements of membership and obtaining cover under the medical malpractice insurance.

The annual membership fee must be received when the Introduction Pack is returned in order to activate your membership and once all the documentation and payment has been confirmed you will be able to start accepting clients.

Please note: If you fail to meet the requirements of membership your fee will be refunded immediately.

What happens if I want to lapse my membership?
Insurance cover will only be provided when you remain a member of My Midwife & Me.

If you wish to lapse your membership and you have active clients you would need to transfer your clients onto an alternative insurance product.

If there has been an incident and this has been reported whilst your membership was active the insurance cover would remain in place for that care episode.

There is no affordable insurance product on the market currently that would provide cover for the 25-year term that a ‘child’ can bring a claim if you cease to be a member or pay into the insurance. There is the ability to purchase ‘run-off’ insurance but this is too expensive and currently unaffordable.

It is important to note that the ‘risk’ remains with My Midwife & Me and not with the individual midwife. That is why My Midwife & Me will require all members to adhere to the agreed governance framework and processes to protect all the members of My Midwife and Me and women and babies under their care.

Will the membership fee or birth fees increase?
There is always the potential for a fee increase as with any insurance. If there is a large claim, insurance premiums will increase to pay for the costs of the claim but it is assumed that by adhering to the governance framework midwives will be protected against clinical negligence claims. In the UK, claims can only be made if clinical negligence is proven.

Informed consent is crucial to this process and training and support in achieving informed consent is part of the membership. Risk reduction practices are key to ensuring safety of women and their babies.

It is crucial that positive relationships between My Midwife & Me and the insurer are maintained and My Midwife & Me is experienced at developing and maintaining proactive, positive relationships in this area.

Does My Midwife & Me offer payment plans?
My Midwife & Me offers payment plans over 12 months. For more information on the payment plans please contact us at:
Does My Midwife & Me offer any discounts?
My Midwife & Me offers a £50 ‘Refer a Friend’ discount for any midwives who join together. Just notify our membership team upon the returning of your introduction pack and they will ensure the £50 is deducted from your membership fees.
Does the indemnity cover all the services I offer, including Lactation Consultancy, hypnobirthing, MAM 3 Step Rewind Therapy and various complementary therapies that I use antenatally and during birth such as aromatherapy and acupuncture?
My Midwife & Me do cover the above, but we would need to have copies of your certificates from a certified or recognised provider for us to place on file.
Does My Midwife & Me cover public liability insurance?
Yes. My Midwife & Me hold a separate Public Liability insurance that provides cover to each member.
Can I only use the My Midwife & Me insurance for the intrapartum period?
Although the MM&M insurance is paid at the point of birth, the insurance provides cover for the full maternity pathway, including all antenatal, intrapartum and postnatal care. The MM&M policy is not an intrapartum care policy only. It has been specifically developed to maintain the governance framework for CQC and the insurers and, as such, is non-negotiable to variations. The insurance was developed on the basis that a continuity of carer model is being used for providing care throughout the pregnancy continuum, as the evidence supports the safety of this model.

All MM&M members are expected to be compliant with the systems and processes. These are made available to view prior to joining the organisation and by signing the membership agreement, you are signing to be compliant with all standard operating procedures.

The information sharing agreements are made available for midwives to use to ensure that women consent to the sharing of information. Patient identifiable information is not shared with the insurer – all women are allocated a code to ensure that the information is confidential. The code can then be used by MM&M to identify the woman, and her midwife, if a serious incident occurs. Information sharing is crucial to ensure that the governance processes can be enacted if a serious incident occurs or a claims process is initiated.

It is not appropriate to the MM&M insurance that you provide antenatal care for a woman under one insurance and then place the woman under another insurance for the birth episode.

Can you work with a second midwife who is not insured under the MM&M membership?
Under the existing NMC Regulations all midwives practising in the UK must have appropriate professional indemnity cover to enable them to provide midwifery care for women. If you are working with a midwife who is not a MM&M member it is your responsibility to ensure that they have the required indemnity cover in place.

It is important to ensure that all intrapartum documentation clearly states who is providing the midwifery care and if there is any advice or direct care by the second midwife that this is clearly documented in the woman’s records. This will ensure that if there is a serious clinical incident or if a potential claim arises in regards to intrapartum care there are clear lines of accountability.

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