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The first time we met Kathryn Weymouth, we knew that if we ever had a baby, we would ask her to be our IM. She is exactly the type of person you want to support you through this magical, most personal time in your life. Full of superb knowledge and skill but even fuller of kindness and empathy.

We had encountered quite a lot of negative thoughts about having a home birth for our first baby as ‘you never know what might happen first time round’. With the support of our IM, we never had any concerns for either my or our baby’s safety.

Our labour was long. Long enough that in the NHS system I wouldn’t have been allowed to continue at home due to the risk of infection. With our IM’s vigilance and personal care, we were confident that there was never any risk to me or our baby.

Our baby turned back to back. With our IM’s support we were able to help her move into optimal position, at our baby’s own pace without any harsh procedures, just postural techniques and keeping mobile.

I was pushing for over two hours (after a ‘non-progressive’ labour). The support and encouragement of our IM ensured we were able to stay at home and didn’t need any intervention like forceps or von tuese.

I believe with all my heart that the peaceful, calm and empowering delivery I experienced was entirely due to the fact that we had the most amazing IM with us throughout.

Thank you for your support yesterday. My young man had a bit of a restless night but work up this morning a very happy chap. Instantly I can see the change in his feeding and ability to bring up wind. He is now comfortable happy, and I am over the moon. Even if it doesn’t solve everything I feel that I have done the right thing. It was really positive I didn’t have to be in the room [during tongue tie release] and could be the good cop!

Very pleased with the whole service thank you so much!

He has knocked the wound 3 times now when feeding but it’s not bleeding massively apart from that he has been 100% better already less than 24 hours on.