Postnatal Services

Postnatal Services

My Midwife & Me was created to support midwives, and other maternity health care professionals, to provide safe quality maternity care.

The aim of our services is for parents to feel empowered and transition from pregnancy to parenthood feeling competent and confident on their parenting journey.

Traditionally, NHS maternity care supports parents up to 6-weeks after the birth but with stretched resources postnatal care is the ‘Cinderella service’ of maternity care and quite often parents are discharged from NHS care within the first 2-weeks with very little access to ongoing support. We know that women value care that is relationship based and provided by health care professionals that they know, and more importantly that they trust.

My Midwife & Me is here to enhance traditional NHS postnatal care, but more importantly we can provide responsive and reactive services to meet your needs at any given time in the first 8 weeks of your baby’s birth, or we can provide bespoke packages of care that enables you to build a relationship that will extend far beyond that of current traditional maternity services.

Private Postnatal Services

Postnatal care is the care you and your baby receive after the birth. Our Postnatal Care Packages means that all care is provided in the comfort of your own home and virtual or phone support can be accessed between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week.

During the antenatal period many parents’ focus is on the birth and achieving a positive birth memory but very little time and focus is given on how to transition into parenthood.

Birth is not just the birth of a baby but the birth of a mother.

- January Hershe

Many new mothers feel that caring for their newborn baby in the early days and weeks at home was the hardest part of becoming a parent. We know how daunting starting life with a brand-new baby can be, and how reassuring it is to have kind, experienced, professional help at hand to answer all your questions and advise on any aspects of baby or new mother care.

Our health care professionals have many years of experience, are up to date with current practice, and most are actually mothers themselves. They are kind, easy to talk to, and very down to earth!

We will not replace NHS midwifery visits; the My Midwife & Me service will enhance your NHS care by providing a postnatal service up to 10 weeks after the baby is born. We have the time and flexibility that an overloaded service cannot always offer, which ensures that our service is personalised and tailored to your family’s needs.  It can be a structured bespoke package or responsive, with individual visits, dependant on what is required to ensure your needs and choices are met.

Parents who already have a child can find life is very different with two children; our visiting service is for all parents, not just first timers, as we can give you lots of support and survival tips for the first weeks.

We cover most areas across the Northwest of England but if you live quite a distance from the local area, there may need to be an additional travel charge, which will be discussed with you at the time of booking.

Content of your care package:

Postnatal life can be exhausting and exhilarating. Many parents underestimate the intensity of the transition period of becoming new parents and how your life has to change, this transition does not just occur in your body but mentally and emotionally as well, and this isn’t just for mother but for the Dads too!

Our visits will focus on supporting you with newborn care, including recognising baby behaviour patterns, sleep patterns, feeding support – both for babies and mothers, and recognising if you are physically well and maintaining health and wellness on a physical, mental and emotional level.

From experience, we would recommend that first time mothers would get the most benefit from the full package, particularly if breastfeeding support is needed.

Half package

  • • 5 visits of *postnatal car for mother and baby at home up to 4 weeks after the birth
  • • Virtual or phone support between 8am and 8pm, 7 days a week up to 6 weeks after the birth
  • • Payment plans available upon request

Single Visits

  • This can be anything from a one-off visit or you can book as many individual visits as you need up to 10 weeks after the birth.
  • • First visit is £60 for a home visit
  • • Additional visits £40

*If you would like to meet your postnatal care professional prior to the birth we can offer 1 or 2 visits in the antenatal period which will also focus on parent education. These visit/s will count as 1 or 2 visits from your postnatal care.

This Investment in your postnatal care will last a lifetime! Every mother remembers her birth, but they also remember the first few weeks after the birth (because our brains are wired to do so). Unfortunately, strong memory recall is often associated with intense emotional experiences so this investment will ensure that the emotions are based in a positive and life enhancing experience.

The average cost of a wedding can now exceed £20,000 and the average cost of a family holiday is £5000 for just 2 weeks – this package is indeed a bargain!

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