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27 December 2017

Sally was my midwife throughout my last pregnancy and the home birth of our daughter 3 years ago, and again now, during my current pregnancy.

From our very first meeting with Sally, it was clear that midwifery is not just a job to her but a way of life. Her passion, knowledge, care and commitment were evident immediately. Our antenatal appointments have always been very thorough. I have always felt very confident that I am receiving a high standard of care, both medically and emotionally. Our appointments are never rushed, allowing all our questions to be answered fully. We have had time to get to know Sally very well, allowing us to build a strong level of trust with each other. Sally has been able to provide us with all the information we have needed to enable us to make informed, evidence based decisions about my pregnancies and birth. In addition, our older children have been able to be very involved with both the pregnancies.

In the weeks leading up to the birth of our last daughter, Sally was always available at the end of the phone if I needed any advice in addition to my regular antenatal appointments. When we called to let her know I was in labour she was here quickly and I immediately felt calm and reassured. She allowed me to trust that my body knew what it was doing and our daughter was born calmly at home with some of our older children present which was an absolutely amazing experience for all of us.

Postnatally, Sally was invaluable to us too despite our last daughter being our sixth baby. Her support and encouragement with breastfeeding allowed me to get further than I had before, and even after we had been signed off she answered any questions I had and reassured me.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Sally to anyone who was looking for an independent midwife. Her skills and knowledge are an absolute asset to the midwifery profession and the passion and care that she demonstrates are exceptional.

Diana Holmes