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It is our pleasure to recommend Suyai, after we had her as our independent midwife last year. It was our second pregnancy and after a bad experience in the hands of our local hospital, we wanted to have a natural birth after having a c-section with my first child.

We employed Suyai and over three antenatal visits which were all many hours, we covered everything in detail, and really got to know each other. Suyai is warm, caring and has a wealth of knowledge and experience, we felt comfortable with her instantly. We also discovered that Suyai’s midwifery experience is vast and hugely varied, including working with an Amish community delivering lots of babies in a simple home environment.

As we hired Suyai quite late on in the pregnancy there was a lot to discuss, but I felt utterly confident and her support, understanding and kindness really gave us the confidence we needed from months of worry and uncertainty. We felt fully informed with lots of information and literature provided to us which enabled us to make informed choices and draw out a birth plan which we were happy and confident with.

The birth of our son was everything we could have hoped for; a calm and natural homebirth in which I felt completely safe, looked after and supported every step of the way. Suyai’s postnatal support was invaluable as we discovered right away our son had a tongue-tie so Suyai organised a tongue-tie specialist to come and do the snip procedure the next day. We also opted for vitamin K as an oral dose instead of injection, and Suyai arranged this with our local hospital. Having all these things organised for us meant that we could really focus our attention on our new born son and concentrate on breastfeeding and bonding.

We felt privileged to be able to get to know and trust our midwife and believe that the continuity of care and the amazing support we received is the experience everyone should have. We whole heartily recommend Suyai’s services to anyone looking to employ an independent midwife.

Kayleigh and Paul

I knew Suyai was the midwife for me as she had lots of experience with home-births and of ‘unique normality’ and I connected with her philosophy around birth. I wanted to know the person who would be at my birth. We spoke on the phone and really clicked. I felt really relaxed and knew I could trust her.

Suyai supported me and my partner antenatally, I felt really supported by her and I knew that she would help me work toward the pregnancy and birth that I wanted. She supported me with so much more than the just the physical aspects of my pregnancy, it was great to have Suyai to explore the emotional and spiritual sides of my pregnancy journey too.

Suyai attended my birth and held the space for me so beautifully. I felt very reassured by her presence. I knew she was there in case anything went wrong and that let me relax. She gave me the strength and faith in my body to birth my baby into my own hands on our living room floor! My partner said afterwards “if someone had come in, it would look like she wasn’t doing anything…but she was doing so much!”.

Suyai also looked after me postnatally and although I had not thought much about this part before the birth it was here that Suyai really was invaluable. I had breastfeeding issues and my baby had tongue-tie. She was my strong advocate when I was vulnerable and tired, helping me get the referrals I needed and attending appointments along side me. Without her I really don’t think I would still be breastfeeding my baby today!

I would not hesitate to recommend Suyai to all my nearest and dearest when they got pregnant and to anyone else! I credit her with being able to tell my birth story with a glow in my face and sparkle in my eyes. I cannot thank her enough!

Kate and Chris